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Residential Properties

Get your unique residential opportunity that exceeds your expectations.

Villas & Townhouses

Enjoy living peacefully and comfortably with your family.

Luxury Mansions

Enjoy exclusivity and live your life in optimum style.

Custom Tailored Services

Discover our exclusive and unique services.

Residential Real Estate in Downtown Dubai – Apartments and Houses

Modern living in luxury apartments or modern houses and exclusive investment opportunities in Dubai are near you. GoGold Real Estate will help you find the best deal for your dream home in The City of Gold.

Whether you want a shoreline mansion, penthouse, serviced flat, well-equipped, modern apartment in or close to Downtown Dubai, a vacation home in a peaceful community, or a duplex, GoGold Real Estate professionals will find you the perfect property and guide and support you through the entire purchasing process. Thanks to our experienced real estate experts with decades-long connections in the UAE and deep knowledge of the local market and legislation, you will have access to off-market properties and luxury homes at a fair price.

Why Buy a Property in Dubai with GoGold?

  1. Large Selection of Properties – GoGold has an extensive portfolio of various properties that have been hand-picked to provide the highest levels of comfort, elegance, and quality. Houses and apartments are tailored to suit a diverse variety of desires and tastes, featuring both traditional elegance and sophisticated contemporary design.
  2. Superior Expertise – Our organisation of committed real estate consultants extensively understands the Dubai real estate industry. We will walk you and enlighten you with all the details through each phase of the purchasing process to make sure you choose wisely and in line with your financial and lifestyle objectives.
  3. The Most Attractive Locations – Dubai is well known for its vibrant neighbourhoods and world-known sites. The city continues to provide new and ever-exciting opportunities, and we can showcase many properties in the most desirable locations.
  4. Reliability & Transparency – Buying a house in a foreign country should be done carefully, with trustworthy partners with proven records in the local market. GoGold Real Estate is committed to transparency and openness in all provided information.
  5. Passionate Support – Your team of real estate experts guarantees easy and hassle-free real estate transactions. GoGold recognises that purchasing a home is a major decision, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Contact the Best Real Estate Company in Dubai

The key to your dream house is only a phone call away, thanks to the efforts of our team of Dubai real estate specialists who are dedicated to making your dreams come true. With GoGold Real Estate, you will open the door to your ideal home and take advantage of unmatched investment opportunities!

Imagine enjoying your morning coffee on a sun-drenched balcony in one of Dubai’s most affluent areas.

Write the chapters of your life story with GoGold Real Estate. Contact us right now, and together, we can set off on an exciting adventure filled with potential, elegance, and the very best in real estate.

Villas & Townhouses


  • Beachfront Villas – Direct access to private beaches and unrivalled views of the Arabian Gulf are only some of the reasons to buy a villa in Dubai. Of course, a tax-free environment and stable returns in stable currency are the main reasons that attract many foreign investors.
  • Golf Course Villas – Located in fully serviced, secured gated communities, these villas provide a friendly, peaceful environment with an abundance of greenery. If you’re looking for the ultimate peace and comfort for your family, this might be a type of real estate that suits your needs.
  • Mansions – Mansion estates are huge, custom-built homes with lavish amenities like home theatres, private pools, large garages, tennis courts, and vast gardens. This type of property is ideal for buyers who want the epitome of luxury and style.


  • Gated Communities – Townhouses in fully serviced green gated communities that combine privacy and luxury living, providing all services and amenities such as schools, hospitals, and various shops as well as all requirements for enjoying a full life such as parks, barbeque areas, swimming pools, fields for sports and cinemas.
  • Modern Townhouses – Chic and modern townhouses featuring high-end branded finishes and intricate designs on the ground and higher levels with charming romantic environments. If you want a place with contemporary architecture and excellent features, contact GoGold, and we’ll find the house of your dreams.

Luxury Mansions

Luxury Properties – Prestigious Real Estate Market

Discover Dubai’s luxurious real estate market, where the possibilities are endless and the future meets glamour. Go Gold Real Estate is the only choice if you want to buy a home with unparalleled luxury, stunning views, and top-of-the-line amenities. You’ll find your dream property in one of the most attractive residential communities in this captivating city while we assist you in making wise investments.

Types of Luxury Real Estate in Dubai

Gold Real Estate provides an exclusive selection of opulent real estate choices in Dubai to suit different lifestyles and tastes. The following are specific examples of the types of luxurious residences Go Gold Real Estate offers:

High-end Apartments

  • Penthouse Suites – If you’re looking for an ultimate luxury flat in Dubai, Go Gold’s penthouse suites will go beyond your expectations. Our penthouses are typically found on modern and iconic buildings around Dubai and provide phenomenal views.
  • Serviced Apartments – How about all the facilities that come with a hotel right in your opulent apartment? Enjoy housekeeping, concierge, and other services that will make your life in Dubai easy and super enjoyable.

High-End Condos

  • Waterfront & Designed Condos – As the Dubai government develops and extends the city coast by 400%, the waterfront condos will be various and precious with different sea views, including harbours, beaches, palms with sea sunset background with upscale finishes, and first-rate amenities. We will help you find the structure and location you prefer, making sure you get the best deal and some off-market offers.
This is not enough? How about luxury hotel residences in Dubai? Enjoy a variety of services and facilities and choose one of the apartments at world-class hotels famous for exceptional hospitality and the ultimate service. GoGold Real Estate specialises in providing customisable services. We will use our connections in the local real estate industry to find exactly what you’re looking for, making sure you maximise your profit and avoid unnecessary stress and hassle.

Custom Tailored Services

Services list:

  1. Golden Visa
  2. Bank account
  3. Supporting in opening business
  4. Mortgage services
  5. Renting support
  6. Reselling your property
  7.  Supporting getting local services (rent a car, tours, documents attestation, legal guidance)

GoGold Real Estate – Your Partners in Your Property Investment Journey

GoGold Real Estate is your partner in realising your goal of having a desired home in Dubai or choosing the right investment opportunity. Our team mastered the local real estate market, including high-end properties. Your advisors will make sure you make an informed decision and help you fulfil your desire with maximum support. They will guide you through the areas, projects, and local developments. Purchasing real estate in Dubai is an investment in the quality of your life as much as a financial move. Dubai is the ideal destination for people looking for comfort, safety, and security because of its rapid expansion and persistent dedication to luxury living. Besides futuristic infrastructure, world-class restaurants, upscale shopping malls, great schools, a warm sea, and cultural diversity, Dubai is an immense business and technology hub. The economy is strong and constantly growing.